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1.Mobile Access service provides proxy access for which FOUR services in Mac OS X Server v10.6?(Choose FOUR – partial credit possible.)�
B. iCal
C. Web
D. Mail
G. iChat
H. Address Book
I. Open Directory

Answer: B, C, D, H

2.Which TWO IPSec authentication methods are supported by the VPN service on Mac OS X Server v10.6.?(Choose TWO – partial credit possible.)
B. Kerberos
C. Certificate
E. Shared Secret
Answer: C, E
3.Which folder on a Mac OS X Server v10.6 computer contains the zone files generated by Server Admin?    �
B. /var/dns/
C. /etc/named/
D. /var/named/
Answer: D
4.In Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), public keys perform which TWO functions?(Choose TWO – partial credit possible.)    �
A.Public keys digitally sign electronic communications and certificates.
B. Public keys sign the key holder’s identity in a certificate, as a Certificate Authority.
C. Public keys verify the signature in electronic communications that were signed using a private key.
D. Public keys decrypt electronic communications that were encrypted using the corresponding private key.
E. Public keys encrypt electronic communications that must be decrypted using the corresponding private key.
Answer: C, E
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